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Competition Summary
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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Round 18

Round winner:

Edwards, Scott - $80.00

Next round's prize is: $80.00

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Brauer, Dave 110
1st Edwards, Kevin 110
3rd Edwards, Jarrod 109
3rd Krause, Tom 109
5th Brazil, Kieran 108
5th Doody, Gerald 108
5th Fraser, John 108
8th Jackson, Michael 107
8th Playle, Chris 107
8th Virago, Neil 107

Bottom 10 Tippers
78th McAdam, Peter 93
78th Reading, Emma 93
82nd Ducler, Rebecca 92
82nd Mathew, Paul 92
84th Drane, Steve 89
84th Ford, Kyle 89
86th King, Mary-Louise 86
87th Dickinson, David 82
88th Sheldrake, Michael 81
89th Thorley, Rachel 76

Results for Games in Round 18
Carlton 109 defeated North Melbourne 86
St. Kilda 118 defeated Fremantle 60
GWS Giants 87 lost to Geelong 94
Port Adelaide 72 defeated Melbourne 69
W. Bulldogs 94 lost to Essendon 101
West Coast 42 lost to Richmond 59
Brisbane 110 defeated Gold Coast Suns 56
Hawthorn 104 defeated Sydney 94
Collingwood 82 lost to Adelaide 98

Fixtures for Round 19
Closes Thu 31/7/2014 20:45
Fremantle   v Carlton  
Sydney   v Essendon  
Adelaide   v West Coast  
Richmond   v GWS Giants  
Gold Coast Suns   v St. Kilda  
North Melbourne   v Geelong  
Melbourne   v Brisbane  
Hawthorn   v W. Bulldogs  
Collingwood   v Port Adelaide  

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